Top 3 Horror Writers In History

Horror Writers

A good horror book is like a frigate that transports you to an era with zombies, vampires and sinister beings that you wish to have no business with in real life. One thing is for certain, these horror books do not write themselves and they come alive under the trained pens of horror writers. The top 5 horror writers on our list have authored books that will make your toes curl and have you running for the covers.

The Top 3 Horror Writers

1. Stephen King: Who doesn’t know Stephen King, the master of horror? This bestselling author is critically acclaimed for his work in The Shining, Pet Sematary and The Stand. Rarely will you find a fan of the horror genre without a King book in his or her collection.

2. Dean Koontz: We all love Koontz for his good looks. He is one guy to seek hair maintenance advice from. While he is popular for his incredible mystery and thriller collection, Koontz has written horror books that are as scary as they come. Demon Seed, Whispers, The Mask and Night Chills are horror books from this writer that are must-haves.

3. Clive Barker: Filmmaker and illustrator, Clive Barker, is the author of the horror book, Sacrament and Galilee. After publishing his short stories titled Books of Blood in the 1980s, Stephen King called him the future of horror. It is safe to say that the man with many titles is yet to disappoint.

Noteworthy Mentions

Anne Rice: One of the bestselling horror writers, Anne Rice is the author of The Vampire Chronicles. Two titles from this chronicle, Interview With the Vampire, and Queen of the Damned, went on to become blockbuster horror movies.

Bram Stoker: If you ever fell in love with Dracula, you only have Bram Stoker to blame. This Irish horror writer published Dracula in 1897 and somehow, defined how vampires look to date.