Scenes From Horror Movies

Horror Movie Scene Image

Horror movie fans have a surplus of scary movies to keep them occupied. These range from dated horror flicks to new-age films featuring incredible sound and visual effects to fully immerse you in the film. If you’d like a good scare, here are a few must watch horror movies for your enjoyment.

Top-Rated Horror Movie Scenes

You can’t talk about horror-movie scenes without mentioning Regan’s head that rotates 180 degrees in ‘The Exorcist’ and when an alien bursts out of Kane’s chest in ‘The Alien’ movie. Another scene that sends shivers down the spine is from ‘Hereditary,’ when Charlie pushes her head outside the car’s window to get some air when the unimaginable happens after she connects with a telegraph pole.

With most scary scenes, you don’t need to see what happens to know the outcome. Take the nurse’s station scene from ‘The Exorcist III: Legion,’ where a nurse goes to investigate a noise in one of the rooms. Finding nothing, she exits and closes the door. However, after she turns and starts walking away, the door opens and a person dressed in flowy white clothing swiftly follows her with a pair of shears in hand. The next scene shows a decapitated statue followed by paramedics wheeling out a body bag.

Why Horror Films Are Loved

The reasons to love spine-chilling scenes from horror movies are varied. It could be because the best horror films have intricate storylines. It could also be because you simply like watching movies that scare you at some point. Whatever the case, horror movies are a movie genre that’s here to stay.