Horror Conventions You Need to Visit

Horror conventions you need to visit

Horror conventions are the most exciting thing for any horror fan. Not only is a great chance to mingle with fellow fans, but you also get to meet famous actors and characters from must watch horror movies and shows. Perhaps the most impressive thing of all is the level of detail in costumes and makeup, with people making serious effort for their appearance.

In this article, we explain the two horror conventions that need to go on your bucket list. If you’re new to the world of conventions, these are a great place to start.

HorrorHound Weekend

HorrorHound Weekend takes place annually during the month of March and lasts a whole weekend. Usually based in and around the Cincinnati area, it’s most convenient for Americans. That said, it’s definitely worth travelling for.

It’s the king of all horror conventions. Not only is it one of the best-known in the world, but the fun lasts a whole 48 hours over a jam-packed weekend. Nothing is rushed, and the amount of entertainment available is next to none.


Monsterpalooza is a California horror festival with a star-studded line-up. They have sported some seriously impressive guest speakers, including the following:

  • Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the Saw movies)
  • Tom Holland (Director of Childs Play)
  • Doug Bradley (Pinhead)

Why Attend a Horror Convention?

There are many reasons to attend a horror convention, but perhaps none better than the opportunity to completely immerse yourself into the horror world. You can escape reality and be surrounded by fellow lovers of the genre, all while learning about the productions and behind the scenes details.

For anybody with an interest in how horror is constructed, conventions are a great way to see it in action. You will have fun, make new friends, and be a little creeped out, all during the same event. What other reasons dob you possibly need to attend a convention?