About Constructing Horror

about constructing horror

Constructing Horror is all about the ins and outs of our favourite horror movies. We’re obsessed with the details, and love looking into the production of horror, from the scripts, to special effects and makeup. Horror has become a huge part of pop culture and we’re here to celebrate the huge effort that goes into making it what it is.

On this site, you will discover plenty of interesting background information on horror movies, conventions, horror books, the best horror art, and so much more. We also look at how popular horror tv shows and movies are constructed behind the scenes, and how experts bring horror to life for our viewing pleasure.

You will be entertained, intrigued, and might just learn a thing or two along the way. Here is a quick summary of what you will find.

How Horror is Constructed

When we watch a television show, or great movie, we don’t think too much about the effort that goes into creating it. The truth is, when it comes to horror specifically, there is a lot of work involved. The Best horror books are turned into blockbuster movies, which doesn’t just involve writing a script, but also bringing it to reality.

Special effects play a bigger part in horror than any other genre, as zombies, ghosts and demons need to be believable. Sometimes it can be as simple as some makeup and contact lenses, but other times it involves intricate mask design, costuming and much more. We truly appreciate the art involved.

The History of The Horror Genre

history of horror

Horror has been a genre in literature since the 1700s, when Horace Walpole written what is considered to be the first ever horror book. Stories previously known as ‘gothic’ are what shaped horror as we know it today. Classic movies like Frankenstein and The Exorcist helped to cement it into pop culture.

The development of technology, CGI and effects means that horror is being more realistic and advanced than ever before. It has us wondering what will be the next big thing. We’ve seen slashers, alien abductions, paranormal hauntings, and many other storylines, so who knows what is yet to come.


Horror Cosplay

For those that are mad about horror like we are, attending events is great fun. You get to mix with fellow fans, meet your favourite characters, or even dress up as them. Horror conventions have been happening for many years, but they’ve developed into something much bigger in the 21st century.

Thousands flock to conventions and events to find out all about constructing horror. Artists, directors, actors, and many others, come together to explain about behind the scenes and answer questions from fans. This is the highlight of the year for anybody that loves all things horror and production.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a list of the best horror tv shows and they are a perfect place to start. We consider critics ratings, reviews, and watch them ourselves before making a final decision and shortlisting.

If you’re mad about horror games, you have to play Resident Evil. The tension-building music, the scarily realistic special effects and the fantastic storyline make for the perfect game. It is available across all consoles and has several sequels to enjoy too.

Horror fans love memorabilia, so if you can get something from their favourite movie or TV show, they will love it. A poster or a t-shirt is a great place to start. Otherwise, consider a ticket to a convention.