Here at constructing horror, we look at 9 Lives, the 2002 horror movie starring Paris Hilton. Filmed in Britain on a low budget, this slasher movie spent its first week on the Horror Renting chart, as well reaching number one in both France and Germany.

A Bit Behind 9 Lives

Written by Andrew Green and Tom MacRae, the film was released on 26th August 2002 at the London Film Festival. Distributed by Dream Entertainment Inc. the film runs for around 85 minutes. Paris Hilton was at the height of her popularity during the early 2000s, and she forms the main marketing basis for the film’s posters.

For his 21st birthday party, Tim invites his friends for a weekend celebration at his Scottish mansion. When a sudden snowstorm blocks the mansion from the outside world, Tom finds an old book about a Scottish Lord called Murray, who died in 1746. Tom opens the book unleashing the soul of Murray.

General Reception

The reception for the 9 Lives horror movie is a mixed bag, with many pointing to its runtime as a detractor. The budget and cast are said to be depictive of the film’s quality, with many of the cast, except Hilton, unknown at that time. Positively, the films’ performance in several charts does speak of some success.