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Audiences and creators of films have felt the power of music ever since man played the first tunes to moving images during the silent era. Even today, more than 100 years later, your soundtrack and its importance can not be ignored, as it’s a valuable tool of filmmaking, enhancing story, giving it flavor, emotion and meaning.

It is used to tell the story, connect characters, events and themes. To shape a cohesive work of art and intensify the emotional response, not only by illustrating what is on the screen, but also revealing the inner processes of characters, contrasting moments for greater impact and clarifying story points.

Music is a universal language, created from just twelve singular notes, and a talented composer can create a score that will travel the world. Just listen to John Murphy´s excellent score for 28 Days Later, Clint Mansell´s theme from A Requiem for a Dream which is frequently used in movie trailers, and John Carpenter´s haunting theme for Halloween. They have all created some memorable and recognizable scores in film history. They are all important contributors to the final experience in the dark theatre.

But just outside of recognition, there are many other composers with great talent and feeling of how to make a film more than just images on screen. Composers with the ability to create new worlds with their art. To touch the audience deeply and enhance their emotional experience through the music they have created. Music that might be remembered a lifetime. That is what The Score Feed is all about. presents you with new and upcoming film composers. Creators of music you may never have heard, never have thought of, but who will prove to be more than capable of creating emotions with their compositions. Let us introduce you to talented artists with knowledge, experience and a passion for film.

This is the place to listen to new music, get inspired, network with talent, and find a composer for that future collaboration. You can find all the contact information listed below.

And for the rest of us, the fans of soundtracks – it´s pure entertainment!

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