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“It’s just torture and murder.
No plot, no characters, very realistic.
I think it’s the next thing.”

“Then God help us all.”
(Videodrome, 1983)

The Vision

Whether you are an author, a screenwriter, a filmmaker, or just a curious fan, this site will become your personal resource to telling stories in the horror genre. Our vision is to provide an inspiring and motivating guidance that will teach you how to become a better horror storyteller. 1

The approach is unique and simple. By researching the horror genre from every possible angle you will discover how to create a compelling and powerful story. You will access practical advice and techniques that put you ahead of the competition while studying the site.

Imagine the possibilities and advantages you will gain as a creator of horror, if you know how to move the mind and trigger the imagination of the audience. is also developing products to take the genre to another level, so sign up for the newsletter to keep updated.

Free Exclusive Audio Interviews:

At you can listen to some of the greatest minds of the genre sharing their wisdom and knowledge through hours of easy accessible interviews!

In our free, ever-expanding audio library, you will find an amazing amount of insight into the art and crafts of horror storytelling. Authors and screenwriters unveil their secrets on writing horror. Find out how to create empathy, or explore the primal fears that send shivers up the spine of your core audience. You can hear some of the leading filmmakers of the horror genre reveal how to tell a story with visuals and sound, spanning from pre- to post production. Top scholars teach us why we like to be frightened again and again, what horror means on a deeper level, about the psychology of evil, the mythology of monsters and the neurology of fear and what we can learn if we look at horror through the eyes of history, religion and politics.

Authors and Screenwriters;

Peter Atkins:
Hellraiser II – Hellbound, Wishmaster and Prisoners of the Sun

James Bonnet:
Stealing Fire from The Gods

Sara Caldwell: [Go to Audio Interview]
Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low-Budget Horror Films and Jumpstart your Awesome Film Company

Peter Engelmann: Screenwriter of The Forest Dark , and Script Editor of Anatomy I, II

John Fasano: [Go to Audio Interview]
Darkness Falls and Alien 3

Ray Garton:
Live Girls, The Loveliest Dead, and Ravenous

Jack Ketchum: [Go to Audio Interview]
The Girl Next Door, The Lost, and Red

Sarah Langan:
The Keeper and The Missing

Tim Lebbon:
Dusk, Berserk and White

Deborah LeBlanc: [Go to Audio Interview]
Morbid Curiosity, A House Divided, and Grave Intent

David Morrell:
First Blood, The Totem, and Creepers

Tom Piccirilli:
A Choir of Ill Children, Midnight Road and November Mourns

Sara Pinborough:
The Hidden, The Reckoning and Breeding Ground

Charles Edward Pogue :
The Fly and Psycho III

Alexandra Sokoloff:[Go to Audio Interview]
The Harrowing, The Price and The Unseen

Stephen Susco:
The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and Zero Dark Thirty

Stanley Wiater:[Go to Audio Interview]
Dark Thoughts, Dark Visions and Dark Dreamers

F. Paul Wilson:
The Keep, Pelts, and Repairman Jack

Stephen Volk:[Go to Audio Interview]
Gothic, Afterlife, and Telepathy

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro:
The Saint-Germain cycle, A Mortal Glamour and Apprehensions and Other Delusions


John Axelrad:
Picture Editor of Slither, Messengers and Boogeyman

Jason Ballantine: Picture Editor of Wolf Creek and Rogue

Tom Holland:[Go to Audio Interview]
Writer of Psycho II, Writer/Director of Child’s Play, Fright Night and Director of Masters of Horror

Alfons Conde: Composer of The Abandoned, La Hora fría and No-Do

Jeff Danna: Composer of Resident Evil:Apocalypse, Silent Hill and Fracture

Kris Fenske: Sound Designer of Masters of Horror and White Noise 2

Will Files:
Sound Designer of Cloverfield and Assistant Sound Designer of War of the Worlds and Darkness Falls

Mick Garris:
Producer, Writer/Director of Amazing Stories, Freddy’s Nightmares, The Stand, and Creator of Masters of Horror

Chris Gill: Picture Editor of 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, The Dark, Sunshine and Outpost

Alan Howarth:[Go to Audio Interview] Sound Desiger / Special Sound Effects of Poltergeist, The Thing, Army of Darkness, and Dracula. Composer of Halloween 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Children of The Living Dead, Headless Horseman, and Evilution

Niven Howie:
Picture Editor of Dawn of the Dead, Godsend and Resident Evil:Extinction

William Malone:
Director of House on Haunted Hill and Masters of Horror, Writer/Director of Parasomnia

Greg McLean:
Writer /Director of Wolf Creek and Rouge

John Marquis:
Sound Designer on Dead Birds, Frankenfish and Lake Placid 2

Ed Marx:[Go to Audio Interview]
Picture Editor of Jeepers Creepers, Jeepers Creepers II and Wrong Turn 2

Mike Mendez:
Director of The Gravedancers

John Ottman:[Go to Audio Interview]
Composer of House of Wax, Hide and Seek, and Gothika. Director/Composer/Picture Editor of Urban Legend: Final Cut

Daniel Pearl:
Director of Photography on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(1974), Invaders From Mars, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Alien Vs Predator – Requiem

Christian Sebaldt:
Cinematographer of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Dark and Parasomnia

David Sonnenschein:
Sound Designer of I’d Rather Be Dancing and Dreams Awake

Robb Sullivan:
Picture Editor of Rise, Possession and See No Evil

Ethan Van der Ryn:
Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor of The Haunting, The Ring 2, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and King Kong

Scholars and Researchers;

Dr. Eduardo Andrade:[Go to Audio Interview]
PhD, researcher of the attraction of horror and the psychology of marketing

Timothy K Beal:
PhD, author of Religion and Its Monsters

Stephen A. Diamond:
PhD, author of Anger, Madness and the Daimonic

Lisa Feldman Barrett:
PhD, a social psychologist and researcher of the affect science and human emotion

Cynthia Freeland:
PhD, author of The Naked and the Undead

David D. Gilmore:
PhD, author of Monster: Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors

Jeffrey Goldstein:
PhD, Editor of Why We Watch: The Attraction of Violent Entertainment, author of The Psychology of Humor

Igor Ledochowski:
Master Hypnotist, author of The Deep Trance Training
Manual Vol. 1

Dr. Joseph LeDoux:[Go to Audio Interview]
PhD, neuroscientist and author of The Emotional Brain and Synaptic Self

Dr. Adam Lowenstein:[Go to Audio Interview]
PhD, author of Shocking Representation: Historical Trauma, National Cinema, and the Modern Horror Film

Cary Morrison:[Go to Audio Interview]
PhD, author of Creature Conflict, an essay

Kendall R. Phillips:
PhD, author of Projected Fears: Horror Films and American Culture

Tony Magistrale:
PhD, author of Abject Terrors Surveying the Modern And Postmodern Horror Film and Hollywood’s Stephen King

J. Randall Groves:
PhD, author of Monster, The Post-Human and History, an essay

Kirk J. Schneider:
PhD, author of Horror and the Holy and _The Paradoxical Self: Toward an Understanding of Our Contradictory Nature

Glenn Walters:
PhD, The Criminal Lifestyle: Patterns of Serious Criminal Conduct and Understanding the Popular Appeal of Horror Cinema: An Integrated-Interactive Model

Paul J. Whalen:
PhD, selected publications: Human amygdala responsivity to masked fearful eye whites and A functional MRI study of human amygdala responses to facial expressions of fear vs. anger

William Whittington:
PhD, author of Sound Design and Science Fiction

THE ARCHIVES – Articles and reviews:

You also gain FREE access to the Archive where Articles and Reviews will help you learn how to write the horror screenplay, understand horror storytelling and educate you on what to do and what not to do with your script in both the writing process, the pre-production process, and the post production process where cinematography, picture editing, sound design and music all come together to form one massive body of terror. All this is done with the unique content on the site that explores the structure and techniques of horror movies from all over the world.

1 “Storytelling is the ancient art of conveying events in words, images, and sounds. Stories have probably been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture and to instill knowledge and values/morals. Crucial elements of storytelling include plot and characters, as well as the narrative point of view. Stories are frequently used to teach, explain, and/or entertain.”
Source; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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