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Audio Interviews

Storytelling is an art!

Different genres call for different themes, emotions and values to be at stake. And as you know, horror definitely creates certain expectations within the intended audience. They already have a good idea of what kind of experience they desire – and if you are a storyteller; a novelist, screenwriter or filmmaker, you better prepare yourself by learning the techniques and conventions to becoming successful. To make your craft become art – you need to study, practice and learn from the masters – and this is the place to do so.

This is a collection of exclusive audio interviews, trying to preserve the oral history of the kind of storytelling that deals with fear, evil and death. Learn from the writers who practice the art, from the filmmakers who make the big screen come to life. Listen to the doctors, professors and some of the world’s greatest scientists who explore the genre deeper than ever before.

Let’s discover the secrets of constructing horror and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

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