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About us is brought to you by Golem Film a small but innovative Swedish production company founded in 1999 during the production of the horror movie “Lyckantropen”.

With its roots in movie production, Golem Film has since its foundation produced several independent short films, music videos, and infomercials to name a few of their many projects. Golem Film is also utilized as a base for freelancing services offered to production companies in the Swedish Television and entertainment business where Golem Film offer staff with a large knowledge of producing, directing, screenwriting and editing.

During the summer of 2006, Golem Film decided to expand into new areas using the creative competence found within the company and have now created what we find to be the most comprehensive and innovative site on horror storytelling available online today;

Creative Staff

Steve Ericsson

STEVE ERICSSON is a Swedish screenwriter, director, and editor. He directed and co-wrote the horror film “Lyckantropen” that was screened at the 2003 SCREAMFEST L.A. In 2003 Steve also directed the documentary “Festivalhjältar”[Festival Heroes] which he also served as head cinematographer on. During the summer of 2005 he directed the romantic comedy “Vilse” [Lost]. “Lyckantropen”, “Festivalhjältar” and “Vilse” have been screened on Swedish National televison to great acclaim.

Steve has been taught by some of the best screenwriting educators in the trade, among them; Robert McKee, John Truby, Linda Seger, Christopher Vogler, and Stephen Cleary. Steve is currently writing an eCourse on Horror Screenwriting with Sara Caldwell.

Steve on IMDB

Stefan Ericsson
STEFAN ERICSSON is the financial mastermind and head of sales strategies for Golem Film. He set up the company and acted as producer on “Lyckantropen” and was one who challenged Steve Ericsson to use his education and knowledge of movie making and create the best resource for horror storytellers today.

Jason Meredith
JASON MEREDITH is a producer, director and screenwriter of documentary based reality shows for Scandinavian TV. “Robinson V.I.P”. [Celebrity Survivor], “Top Model Scandinavia”, “Carl Jans Änglar” [Carl Jan’s Angels], “Andra Avenyn – Castingen” [Second Avenue – The Casting] and “Sjukhuset” [The Hospital – Season 3-4] are a few of the productions he has produced and worked on. He has a background in post production, and edited Steve Ericsson’s horror film “Lyckantropen” and the documentary “Festivalhjältar” [Festival Heroes]. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in film and is the author of “L’uomo piccolo grande” a study of the modern film techniques used in the films of Dario Argento.

Jason on IMDB

Contact Jason:
CINEZILLA – Jason’s Movie Reveiw Blogg.

Sara Caldwell
SARA CALDWELL is a professor of screenwriting and film production at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, a script consultant, and also the author of three books: “Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low Budget Horror Films”, “So You Want to be a Screenwriter: How to Face the Fears and Take the Risks”, and “Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company”.

Sara has run her own media production company, Amphion Productions, for fifteen years, writing and producing over 250 projects for clients around the globe. She is currently writing an eCourse on Horror Screenwriting with Steve Ericsson.

Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low-Budget Horror Films on Amazon

Julian Grant
JULIAN GRANT is an award winning producer/ director, and also the latest member of the staff. Grant is an established filmmaker with over 24 films to his record.

His reputation for finishing projects ahead of schedule and under budget landed him the directorial duties on the TV series; Robocop: Prime Directives.

Julian Grant’s first non-fiction book Directing Horror teaches blocking and staging applied on unique scenes written by John Fasano. Directing Horror will be released soon by / Golem Entertainment.

To Julian’s Homepage

Jake Glazier
JAKE GLAZIER is the Voice of, and also your host in the SCORE FEED, where we give upcoming composers the opportunity to broadcast their works in our free transmission. With more than nine years of working as a professional voice talent, Audio Editing and Mastering, Jake Glazier is a great addition to the creative team.

Michael McGlasson
MICHAEL McGLASSON is an independent scholar / researcher that has been writing essays and other extrapolations on horror literature and the cinema for over twenty years. He has written screenplays in several genres, and his main interests lie in horror fiction, horror cinema, and the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

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